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The SAFETY STREAMER is a high visibility signalling device. It is designed to be found. Boaters, Aviators, and in general Adventurers should be carrying the STREAMER with them in their boats, aircraft on in their kit as an emergency signalling device. When needed the STREAMER is trailed from a boat in distress, or when attached to an individual played out onto the surface of the water; or laid out in an open area when on land. From these locations the STREAMER is readily sighted by searchers.

The STREAMER product line has a common feature, that being a highly visible length of durable plastic film. Some versions include steady bright light lights or flashing lights for rapid location at night. Boaters, Aviators and in general Adventurers are the ideal customer for the STREAMER product. All varieties are very light weight and easy to carry or store in an accessible location.

All of the non-military STREAMER products designed for a quick release from the Nylon/Cordura STREAMER pocket. This new pocket attaches to either a belt or webbing material using a snap fastener. The front part of the pouch is designed to pull the streamer from the pocket and as it is released. This is well suited to an individual wearing the STREAMER who can release this while in the water. Being activated with a single pull of the release handle, the cover is pulled from the pocket and as it is released in the water it drags the streamer from the wearer.

Advanced lighting options make this clearly visible by aerial searchers/SAR. The optional light assembly offers the user either a red or white strobe effect for use after dusk. The advanced version of the Lighted STREAMER senses darkness via photo-cells and automatically operates the light panels.

TSL Aerospace/Response Technologies is a Canadian Company, privately owned involved in many lines of Military Defence equipment and Civilian Safety products. While originally a military item, TSL is producing the STREAMER as a civilian consumer product. The STREAMER is inexpensive, simple to operate and highly effective. You will never want to be in an emergency situation where you would be wishing you had one.