A Trip South

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WOW! What a month!! I wish I could share what has been happening over the past month… But you would be reading for WAY to long!!

To start with, SafetyStreamers have been included in a fabulous opportunity to sponsor some magnificent 20 something’s on an incredible journey of courage, endurance and awareness. A Trip South is an expedition currently being paddled by a group of students who have marked the beginning of the journey in Juneau, Alaska to endure the weather and non stop adventure until they reach their destination — ready for this?  Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

that’s right.

Alaska to Argentina.

Their Plan – Juneau, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.

Blogging along the way when they can, the group has not only embarked on an adventure of a lifetime .. they are quietly making a few points as they paddle along the way. Bringing awareness to a changing landscape in their hometown of Juneau, Alaska and essentially looking for answers to many questions that puzzle these graduates. Climate change and environmental impact are something this team is keen on gaining first hand knowledge of.. and we are happy to help in any way we can.

“A primary focus of this trip is not the end date and time but rather the journey itself. For this reason we have only set loose guesses as to how long different sections will take to complete. We are planning for the unexpected. Whether that means falling in love with a specific region or culture that demands more time or a realization of new possibilities which may turn our straight line route into a jigsaw’s path. Whatever the outcome, we have decided that this is our chance, and one that we must take.”

The Team’s Seaward Kayaks arrive!

While this trip south is an exciting endeavor one cannot safety in the back of their minds and we are so pleased the team of A Trip South, along with their biggest sponsor  Seaward Kayaks–  as chosen SafetyStreamers as one of their key SNR equipment. The team has been outfitted with a ton of our Basic Streamer that easily clips onto their Seaward Kayak, or their life jacket ( or otherwise) In case of any kind of emergency, the group can feel safe knowing their opportunity for Search and Rescue visibility has increased by %150 which even in the calmest of waters can be difficult to spot.

Want to know more? Head to their site and take a look at their gear!  and hey you can even track them!

Interested in the SafetyStreamer for yourself? shoot me a tweet @SafetyStreamers or an email

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