Building on experience with the Rescue Streamer, TSL Aerospace Technologies is introducing the next generation of STREAMERS, which include improved lighting options and speed of deployment.|

The storage pouch has been modified to incorporate “tear away” deployment. A single pull on the grip or handle will remove the pouch face and immediately start deployment of the STREAMER. This change applies to all models.

The bulky light tube with the manual activator switch has been upgraded to LED strips (4 to 6 depending upon model length), that are bonded to the STREAMER. The lights initiate automatically with an embedded in the pouch. This allows the user to select when the lights should be “ON”.

The Double Light SAR STREAMER has red flashing LED light strips and Infrared Light strips offering the security of both Red and IR lights to take advantage of the sensitive surveillance equipment on board the SAR aircraft.

A new entry in the STREAMER line is the Clear STREAMER, with both Red and Infrared light strips. This model is directed at individuals (military or security) that need the advantage of a STREAMER for signalling, but do not want the bright orange panel. On this model the lights are user selectable at the pouch base, switching from Red lights to Infrared Lights by rotating the switch knob. Only searchers with IR or NVG equipment will be able to detect the presence of this STREAMER.

A new generation of electronics provides the STREAMER with powerful, compact, light modules and micro circuitry offering a waterproof miniature controller and switch. With the addition of lights, distressed boaters can drape the STREAMER across the boat, raising the night signaling devices to an improved position for sighting from nearby boats or the shore (surface sighting).