SafetyStreamer launch 2012!

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SafetyStreamers available now!

So! Perhaps you have noticied a change in our site! and probably the title…  let me go on to explain this exciting switch and how SafetyStreamers is making headway into the consumer marketplace. With careful planning and re-branding, TSL Response – The developer and manufaucturer of the SafetyStreamer line ( formally Rescue Streamers)has seen some great success and an encouraging incline of intrest in our SafetyStreamer- which has now had some tweaks to become the next generation of SafetyStreamers to hit the shelves!

Take the SafetyStreamer anywhere – less than 7oz this straps to your bag, your floatation device or straps onto your belt

As the process of developing the newest streamer expanded into new styles, lengths, lighting/reflectors - so did TSL Response’s requirement to open the brand up to new possibilites and opportunities. Moving away from the now defunct “Rescue Streamer” title, the old brand simply applied to the oldest streamer – SafetyStreamer covers both generations of search and rescue streamers and will continue to offer the very best and innovative products for SNR.

As seen by a Search And Rescue helicopter infared camera. Undoubtedly, the SafetyStreamer ensures that regardless of the situation- Safety finds YOU!

With all of these changes, allow me to describe the changes we have made to our 1st generation- and how the 2nd generation will look;

BASIC SafetyStreamer:

6″ wide by 28′ long, made from recyled HDPE (high density polyethelene)   The basic unit comes in its own pocket assembly, designed for quick access and immediate emergency deployment. It does not wear out, requires  no batteries and remains highly visible in daylight conditions.

the basic version laid out in the snow, about halfway deployed.

LIGHTED SafetyStreamer:

6″ wide by 28′ long, made from recyled HDPE material. Identical in packaging to the BASIC unit expcept that it has a series of battery operated light panels strategically positioned accross the width of the SafetyStreamer in two locations along its length. The light panels offer as much as 30 hours of night visibility, The light panels are activated by a photocell that sense the onset of darkness. As  the night sky turns to day, the photocells stop the illumination, conserving the battery power. The light panels can be operated manually if desired by the user.

bonded waterproof LED panel activates with the onset of darkness, it will be lit even if you are unable to turn it on.

SUPER SafetyStreamer:

This version is 12″ wide and 45′ in length with four waterproof light panels. The SUPERstreamer model is ideal for boaters or aviators. With 45 square feet of bright orange surface and multiple lights this version will be far more visbile for and hundred of times longer than a standard flare kit.

The Mariner at work – 45′ of visibilty

So! keep your eye on this blog as we wade through the next two weeks of new websites with Distrubtor maps & locations, updates and info. In the mean time– we are still open to agents & distributors Please email for more information.

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