BASIC streamer

6 inches wide by 25 feet long, made from recycled HDPE material.  The Basic unit comes in its own pocket assembly, designed for quick access and immediate emergency deployment. It does not wear out, requires no batteries and remains highly visible in daylight conditions.

PN: SAR 6/25 RR

NSN: 4240-01-451-8734

LIGHTED streamer

6 inches wide by 25 feet long, made from recycled HDPE material. Identical in packaging to the Basic unit, except that it has a series of battery operated light panels strategically positioned across the width of the STREAMER two locations along its length. The light panels offer as much as 30 hours of night visibility. The light panels are activated by a photocell that senses the onset of darkness. As the night sky turns to day, the photocells, stop the illumination, conserving the battery power. The light panels can be operated manually if desired by the user.

SUPER streamer

This version is 12 inches wide and 45 feet in length with four waterproof light panels. The Super STREAMER model is ideal for boaters or aviators. With 45 square feet of bright orange surface and multiple lights this version will be far more visible for and hundreds of times longer than a standard flare kit.

COVERT streamer

This version is 6 inches wide and 25 feet in length with four waterproof light panels with both Red and Infrared light strips. This model is directed at individuals (military or security) that need the advantage of a STREAMER for signalling, but do not want the bright orange panel. Only searchers with IR or NVG equipment will be able to detect the presence of this STREAMER.

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